2019 Urban Resilience Summit

July 8-11, 2019

In July 2019, 100 Resilient Cities – Pioneered by The Rockefeller Foundation (100RC) will bring together our network of urban resilience practitioners from cities around the world in Rotterdam to celebrate the impact of the global movement we’re building together, share best-in-class practices and innovations in the field, build personal and professional relationships, and identify opportunities for partnerships and collective action.

Our host city of Rotterdam at its core is an incubator of ideas, innovation and experimentation. As a post-industrial portside city in the process of rapid social, economic and physical transformation, Rotterdam provides an ideal setting in which to experience resilience in practice and demonstrates a spirit of openness to fostering critical cross-cultural conversations that create the ideal learning environment for our member cities and partners.

We look forward to sharing more information on next year’s Summit in the coming months.

For questions contact: 100RCsummit@100rc.org

Photo credit: Gerhard van Roon/Kunst en Vliegwerk/RBT

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The Benthemplein Water Plaza is the world’s first large scale water square. When the weather is dry, the square offers a variety of places lingering, sports and events. During heavy rainfall, three basins retain storm water from the square and the surrounding rooftops, adding redundancy to the overall system.

The Floating Pavilion was the City’s first effort to explore opportunities presented by building floating developments. This was followed by floating houses in the Nassau Harbour, Experimental Zone Aqua Dock and innovative designs for a floating farm and water treatment.

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