Tobias Van Der Elst – Flickr

Why We’re in Athens

This week, 100 Resilient Cities and its partners are here in Athens to focus on the critical conversation around refugees and cities.

With more than 60% of refugees currently living in urban areas, cities are undeniably at the forefront of the crisis – and need the insight and practices to help them not only manage the crisis now, but to strengthen and build their cities’ resilience to manage future challenges.

Through the 100RC Network Exchange program, we enable Chief Resilience Officers from our member cities to come together around the common resilience challenges that their cities face. The Network Exchange allows CROs, partners and experts to bring tangible ideas and solutions back to their cities, and opens up roads to new innovations and collaborations that will benefit cities around the world.

In the coming three days here in Athens, 8 cities, a dozen partners, and experts from the Municipality of Athens will be working together to do just that. This includes partners such as the International Rescue Committee, who bring long-standing expertise in refugee crisis management, and MasterCard who has launched innovative approaches to aid Syrian refugees through financial tools and services. They include ESRI, a global leader in mapping technology, and experts from The Brookings Institutions and Mercy Corps, among others.

We’re looking forward to sharing more this week. Stay tuned.