The Challenge Has Closed… Now What?

This year’s 100 Resilient Cities Challenge closed on November 24, putting us one step close to filling out our roster of 100 cities working to build urban resilience. We wanted to help all our new applicants with a bit of information about the Challenge and what happens next in the process.

All told, we received applications from 324 unique cities this year, spanning six continents, dozens of languages, and over 80 countries. We’ll have a more detailed breakdown of the applicants, similar to the analysis we did for the 2013 and 2014 Challenges, early in 2016.

The applications will go through several rounds of critical review before our panel of judges makes their final selection recommendations. First, the pool of applicants is whittled down to 100 by the Challenge team. Then, urban resilience technical experts, along with 100RC staff, will narrow the list down to approximately 50. Those 50 will then go to a panel of prominent judges who will make their recommendations. A 100RC staff member will read each application we receive with an eye towards regional diversity, commitment to resilience, innovative leadership, and more.

Unfortunately, this process will leave us with roughly 300 cities not selected. We know we will get the very reasonable question “So what’s next? What about us?” This is a huge question for our organization and the future of urban resilience. Although we don’t have a final answer today, rest assured, we are thinking about these 300 and the remaining 9,600-ish cities in the world, and about what the best way might be for us to help them take part in the growing urban resilience movement.

We look forward to sharing our thoughts with you in the months to come, and to getting the vetting process underway. Cities will begin to hear from us early next year as we request additional information and begin discussions on what a partnership could look like. We can’t wait to get started.