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Ramallah is optimistic, sustainable, inclusive, proud of our own culture and in control of our own destiny.

Although Ramallah is a relatively small city in size and population, we have been able to grow, thrive and become a model city in Palestine and the region. Ramallah has managed to demonstrate resilience despite conflict and continuous political and environmental stresses. The importance of this Strategy is to join forces under a common vision and framework, integrating efforts to achieve benefits that may not be possible through working separately.

As our city grows, the challenges we face become increasingly interconnected. The growth of Ramallah as a center for employment presents not only a huge opportunity, but also significant challenges for mobility and service provision that extend beyond municipal borders. Additionally, our city relies almost entirely on water and energy resources controlled by Israel, leaving us vulnerable to supply disruptions.

Addressing these and other challenges requires us to rethink our ways of working, embracing new kinds of collaboration across sectors and levels of government.This also requires us to listen to community members who bear the consequences – positive or otherwise – of many of the decisions we make about our city.

It is in this spirit that we have identified the 37 tangible resilience-building actions outlined in this strategy. These are distinct, yet connected actions to be delivered over different spatial scales and timeframes. This includes a mix of ‘quick win’ actions (which involve building on our strengths and scaling up current efforts to achieve immediate benefits) and longer-term actions with the potential to be truly transformative for the resilience of Ramallah and its surroundings. While Ramallah Municipality will take a leading role in implementing many of the actions, all actions will require collaboration and some will be led by other partners.

The Resilience Strategy consists of three strategic directions:

  • Foster a culture of self-determination and build the self-sufficiency of our city and its people
  • Renew our governance structures to increase transparency, collaboration, evidence-based decision making, and meaningful community engagement
  • Build prosperity by making the most of our city’s unique mix of cultural, intellectual, physical and natural assets
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