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Seated at the junction of the Silk Road Economic Belt and Yangtze River Economic Zone, and a close neighbor to Chengdu, Deyang has many advantages.

Located in Sichuan Province in western China, and established in 1983, Deyang has two districts, three cities, one county, a national Economic Development Zone as well as a national High-tech Zone under its jurisdiction and takes up an area of 5,911 square kilometers with a population of nearly 4 million. Deyang is the nearest prefecture-level city to Chengdu and the central city in the Chengdu Surrounding Economic Zone.

With the firm industrial base, Deyang is called the “the Capital of Smart Manufacturing,” with several heavy machinery giants based in Deyang. The city leads the world in key technologies in terms of equipment manufacturing, general aviation, new energy and new materials.

Deyang is also called “a land flowing with milk and honey.” It is endowed with favorable natural and agricultural conditions due to its location. With nine high-quality agricultural and side-line production bases of vegetable, pigs, tobacco, poultry, edible fungi, herbs, etc., Deyang leads Sichuan in terms of food per capita and grain yield per unit area and other indicators.

Deyang also faces challenges. The Wenchuan earthquake in May 2008 destroyed the city’s infrastructure such as transportation, electricity and communications, and industrial and agricultural production facilities were also greatly damaged, leading to a direct economic losses of 265.8 billion yuan. While Deyang completed its post-disaster reconstruction, the city faces challenges to its health, education, and housing infrastructure in the future.

China Center for Urban Development (CCUD), a think tank focusing on urbanization and urban development, has long dedicated to city sustainable development, and has been 100RC’s strategic partner in China, guiding pilot cities in China to formulate and implement resilience strategies.

01 Transformation & Upgrading the City A prosperous and competitive Deyang

02 Green & Sustainable City An eco-friendly and sustainable Deyang

03 Integrated Development A harmonious, healthy and attractive Deyang

04 Safe & Livable City A safe and livable city with strong resilience to earthquake

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A prosperous and competitive Deyang

Key objectives include:

  1. Promote the industrial transformation and upgrading of phosphorus-related enterprises
  2. Solve the problems of personnel placement and re-employment
  3. Strengthen the ecological restoration and phosphogypsum reuse in mining area


An eco-friendly and sustainable Deyang

Objectives include:

  1. Advance water saving in key areas
  2. Strengthen the water quality and water environment control
  3. Improve the water environment monitoring and management system


A harmonious, healthy and attractive Deyang

Objectives include:

  1. Innovate the cooperative management mode of rural industry
  2. Strengthen the rural sewage treatment and carry out “toilet revolution”
  3. Introduce new local talents, cultivate new farmers and build Micro Village


A safe and livable city with strong resilience to earthquake

Objectives include:

  1. Improve the earthquake prevention and disaster reduction capacity of buildings in villages and towns
  2. Strengthen the construction of Earthquake Prevention and Disaster Reduction System in resilient communities
  3. Improve the investigation on active faults

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