Resilient Los Angeles: A model for cities around our network

Last week, I joined Los Angeles Mayor Eric Garcetti and Chief Resilience Marissa Aho to recognize a special milestone: The release of Resilient Los Angeles, the 38th Resilience Strategy in the world.

There is so much to be excited about in Resilient Los Angeles. It is both visionary and concrete, designed to ensure the next generations have a resilient future through steps taken today, while keeping long-term aspirations in mind. Through Mayor Garcetti’s bold leadership, Resilient Los Angeles commits to 96 actions that help the city prepare for inevitable shocks and stresses – from earthquakes and wildfires to homelessness and the effects of climate change.

Just before Mayor Garcetti announced Resilient Los Angeles, I sat with him to discuss L.A.’s pioneering work on resilience. Watch our conversation below:

Critically, the city’s residents are at the heart of this strategy – from educating and engaging Angelenos on disaster risk reduction and preparedness, and reducing health and wellness disparities across communities, to fostering a healthy and connected L.A. River system, and restoring and modernizing Los Angeles’ infrastructure to better serve residents. Notably, many of these initiatives are designed to prepare and protect the most vulnerable in the city from threats such as extreme heat and seismic risk.

As part of Resilient Los Angeles, Mayor Garcetti also signed a historic executive directive that commits City departments to appoint Chief Resilience Officers who will take the lead in making Los Angeles stronger and safer. This is a huge step in ensuring that resilience remains a priority for the City tomorrow, when the next Mayor takes office, and beyond.

Explore the strategy here.

With this release, and the months and years of work that will follow, we believe Resilient Los Angeles will help create lasting change for the city and continue to make Los Angeles a model for cities around our network, in the United States, and around the world.