A Pittsburgh steel mill, 1907. Image: Getty.

Podcast: How post-industrial cities bounce back

In the next century, cities over-reliant on one industry or without diverse economies face major risks. Why have some cities thrived and why have others stagnated?

Earlier this year, we kicked off a new partnership with CityMetric’s “Skylines” podcast to help tell the stories of urban resilience in cities around the world, from innovative coastal water management in cities like Rotterdam and Norfolk to new resilience thinking and perspectives that are helping transform cities like Paris.

In this episode, the show’s hosts, John Elledge and Stephanie Boland, speak with two Chief Resilience Officers from the 100 Resilient Cities network: Grant Ervin, Chief Resilience Officer of Pittsburgh, and Duncan Booker, Chief Resilience Officer of Glasgow. These two cities share similar industrial histories, and are both in the midst of reinventing themselves as modern, resilient cites with innovative and diverse economies.

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