Sharan Thandlam Sudhindra

Associate, City and Practice Management

Sharan Thandlam is an Associate for City and Practice Management in Asia. With a background in urban design and architecture, he joined the 100 Resilient Cities after working with ETH Zurich’s – Future Cities Laboratory Program where he was primarily involved in comprehensive analysis of urban mega-projects across the world and on urban developmental planning projects in the Asian subcontinent.

His work thus far has been focused on rapidly urbanizing territories in countries; such as those in the Philippines, Indonesia, Bangladesh, Thailand, Singapore, China and India. The positions he has held involved collaborating and liaising with governmental agencies and institutional bodies such as the ADB, IRRI, URA, JTC and others.

As an architect, Sharan’s prior experiences include working with RMA Architects (Mumbai-Boston), the IFOU (International Forum on Urbanism) and the National University of Singapore.

In 2014, he founded ‘Atelier Now Architects’ which is an architectural practice based in Chennai, South India which amongst other things focuses on region specific design and research. He is a licensed architect with the Council of Architecture – India and an associate member of the Indian Institute of Architects. Sharan, holds a Bachelor’s degree in Architecture from Anna University – India and Masters in Urban Design from the National University of Singapore.