Saurabh Gaidhani

Associate Director, City and Practice Management

Saurabh Gaidhani is an Associate Director with 100 Resilient Cities based in Singapore. As part of 100 Resilient Cities, he manages cities in India & South East Asia. He has crafted a multi-disciplinary set of work experiences to examine and solve today’s complex urban problems from various perspectives with an emphasis on long-term sustainability, resilience and community living.

Saurabh has a background in Urban Planning & Architecture. He has been trained as an Urban Planner from National University of Singapore (NUS) & Architecture from Pune University and is also a registered planner at the Singapore Institute of Planners.

Prior joining to 100RC he was part of AECOM, Singapore where he developed a master plan and prescriptive design guidelines for an industrial park, visualized environmental waterfront regulations, drafted language to develop mix use development, developed expertise in transit-oriented projects, and designed frameworks for urban regeneration projects. Saurabh has experience working in various cities in South East Asia & the Indian Subcontinent.