Eleni Myrivili

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Eleni Myrivili comes to the position of Chief Resilient Officer as an elected Councilmember in the City of Athens currently holding the urban-sustainability portfolio, and has held elected leadership positions for several years in the Greek Green Party’s Executive Leadership Committee.

She got her PhD from Columbia University (N.Y., N.Y.) in socio-cultural anthropology. She is an Assistant Professor in the Dept. of Cultural Technology and Communications, University of the Aegean, in Greece. Interested in the knowledge-society relationship, she has always been active in projects that go beyond the walls of the academy: designing multimedia museum exhibitions/applications, curating events/festivals, participating in civil society organizations.

She has been an active member of environmental CSOs (IWAF, Friends of the Earth, Slow Food), and written/hosted a public television documentary series on sustainability. She was a member of EastboardNet (COST ESF), a Deputy Coordinator for an FP7 European research program, and a researcher for the Centre National d’ Art et de Culture George Pompidou, France.