Panel: Adapting to Shocks and Stresses

Four CROs and 100RC VP Bryna Lipper met to discuss what it means to be a Chief Resilience Officer and navigate shocks and stresses in their city.


100 Resilient Cities is dedicated to supporting cities to adopt and incorporate a resilience mindset in their planning, development, and community-building so that they are better prepared for and can quickly rebound from 21st century shocks and stresses. 100 Resilient Cities enables cities around the world to develop and implement resilience plans, provides city leaders a forum to share and learn from others’ experiences, and connects them with suppliers, thinkers, and stakeholders who can help them improve their city’s resilience. During this discussion, chief resilience officers and a representative from 100 Resilient Cities will explore their risk management strategies.

The panel will featured:

  • Bryna Lipper, 100 Resilient Cities VP for Relations,
  • Toby Kent, Melbourne, Australia Chief Resilient Officer
  • Dr. Arnoldo Matus Kramer, Mexico City, Mexico
  • Jeff Hebert, New Orleans, USA CRO
  • CRO, Christine Morris, Norfolk, USA CRO