Melbourne’s Resilience Strategy

On June 1, 2016, the city of Melbourne, Australia released its Resilience Strategy, Australia’s first resilience strategy.

The strategy is a product of extensive collaboration, the collective work of more than 1,000 individuals across hundreds of local organizations, all 32 Melbourne local councils, and Victorian state departments. The strategy addresses the city of Melbourne’s most pressing and interconnected challenges, from rising sea levels to increasing pressure on healthcare services, unemployment, and deep social inequality.

Melbourne has already begun to take significant steps to becoming more resilient, including joining 22 other cities in signing the 10% Resilience Pledge and dedicating 10% of the city’s budget to resilience-building initiatives and activities.

Continuing the innovative approaches by Melbourne’s leaders, 100 Resilient Cities is also challenging Melbourne’s philanthropic and private sectors to contribute to implementing actions in the strategy. 100 Resilient Cities will commit to investing $50,000 (USD) towards a specific project, if local organizations raise at least four times that amount within 90 days of the official opening of the Resilient Melbourne Delivery Office, demonstrating a commitment to developing a robust plan and also executing on the work in the immediate and long term in Melbourne.

Download Melbourne’s Resilience Strategy

For more information about Resilient Melbourne and its strategy, visit Resilient Melbourne and take a look at Melbourne’s journey to resilience.