Cities Affirm Their Commitment to Goals of the Paris Climate Accords

Last week, President Trump announced his decision to reverse course on the Paris climate accord and withdraw the United States’ commitment to the agreement’s critical goals.

In response, city leaders around the U.S. have pledged to strengthen their efforts to combat climate change and build resilience in their cities.

Joined by Chief Resilience Officer Dan Zarrilli, and 100 Resilient Cities President Michael Berkowitz, New York Mayor Bill de Blasio signed an executive order upholding the goals of the Paris climate agreement and called on New York City agencies to bolster their climate change strategies.

“Cities and localities in this country and all over the world, are going to have to go farther than we originally planned, because we see the United States of America backing away,” said Mayor de Blasio.

In Pittsburgh, Mayor William Peduto affirmed the city’s efforts to fight climate change, and improve resilience planning, by continuing to invest in the efficiency of its buildings, smart infrastructure to reduce emissions, and  new mobility solutions.

“Pittsburgh is the example of why the Paris agreement is good for economic development: such work is good for business too. Thirteen thousand Pittsburghers are employed in the renewable energy industry, and sixty-six thousand across Pennsylvania, and renewable jobs are the largest employer in the energy industry,” said Mayor Peduto.

Across the U.S., cities are investing in resilience and confronting the challenges that climate change brings. Already, creative and multi-benefit approaches are helping cities from Seattle and Dallas, to Chicago and Miami, plan for the future. Cities can—and must—continue to lead.

See below for more responses from 100RC member cities: