Leading the Resilience Movement at the State Level: Policy Recommendations for a More Resilient California

California faces a diverse range of resilience challenges, top of mind for most being earthquakes and a full range of natural disasters – including wildfires, drought, and flooding which are becoming more severe and frequent due to climate change. Yet no less severe are the slow-burning resilience challenges: a housing… Read More

Accelerating Implementation of Resilient Los Angeles

In March 2018, Los Angeles released its first-ever Resilience Strategy. A document that is both visionary and concrete, Mayor Eric Garcetti has adopted Resilient Los Angeles as a comprehensive citywide commitment to building a safer and stronger Los Angeles. The Resilience Strategy features… Read More

In Review: Resilient Wellington’s First Year

In the year since the release of the Wellington Resilience Strategy we’ve worked hard to make sure that our resilience building efforts will have long-term impact and are also meaningful for Wellingtonians.  We set ourselves ambitious but realistic goals overall and realised quickly that we would have to prioritise… Read More

Comunidades unidas ante los desastres: lecciones del terremoto en la Ciudad de México

Recientemente, la sociedad civil de la Ciudad de México demostró cómo una comunidad empoderada genera vínculos de manera natural que reducen el impacto ante un desastre, y como resultado está mejor preparada y se recupera más rápido. Aunque construir resiliencia antes estos impactos implica el fortalecimiento de su infraestructura, la… Read More

Communities Stepping up in the Face of Disaster: Lessons from the Mexico City Earthquake

Recently, Mexico City’s civil society illustrated how an empowered community naturally coalesces and mitigates a disaster’s destruction– ultimately finding itself better prepared and quicker to recover. While building resilience to major shocks entails strengthening infrastructure, creating effective early warning systems and ensuring efficient government emergency procedures, addressing social stresses is… Read More

Addressing Challenges Before They Occur Leaves Regions Resilient for the Future

Natural disasters have left a long and tragic trail in the United States this past year. Wildfires, tornados, hailstorms and hurricanes have all taken their toll. These events left thousands of people in the dark, without potable water, constrained by blocked roads, and suffering the loss of homes… Read More