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The Final Call for Applications: 2015’s 100 Resilient Cities Challenge

Cities are undoubtedly complex, but one thing is clear – with the triple threats of urbanization, globalization and climate change, there has never been a more important time to build urban resilience. Fortunately, help is here: the third and final round of the 100 Resilient Cities Challenge is now open.

People are moving to cities at a rate never seen before, and a full 70% of the world’s population will live in urban areas by 2050. At the same time, cities are also more closely connected than ever before, ensuring the problem of one city can spread and become the problem of others in the blink of an eye. And of course, climate change serves as an accelerator, creating fluctuations in rainfall, sea-level rise, longer periods of more intense heat, and disturbances of natural ecosystems and disease patterns.

To help respond to these threats, over the past two years 100 Resilient Cities has built a network of 67 cities, and is providing them with support to adapt to the physical, social, and economic challenges that are a growing part of the 21st century. The cities were selected through two "Challenges" – a comprehsensive applicaiton and evaluation process. The results of those two challenges were announced in December 2013 and December 2014. 

On Tuesday July 21st, at the New York Times Cities for Tomorrow Conference, Rockefeller Foundation President Dr. Judith Rodin announced the opening of 2015’s 100 Resilient Cities Challenge. This year, the Challenge will uncover the final group of cities ready to lead the urban resilience movement.

Selecting this last cohort of about 33 cities will bring us to 100 member cities. With 100 Chief Resilience Officers (CROs) and 100 resilience strategies we will truly have the world’s most powerful body of urban resilience knowledge, forming the foundation of a new global practice. 100 cities with a diverse array of challenges will call upon each other to share knowledge and promote resilience thinking far beyond their cities' borders. As these cities develop and complete their resilience strategies, they will have access to an unparalleled suite of resilience building tools via the 100RC Platform of Partners.

Participating in the Challenge not only offers cities a chance to secure powerful tools to improve themselves in both good times and bad, but also provides them the opportunity to be part of this emerging practice. In other words, member cities are empowered to help not only their own citizens, but ultimately every urban citizen in the world.  

The 2015 Challenge is the final opportunity for cities to take part in pioneering the urban resilience movement. We invite municipal government leaders, or local institutions that can demonstrate a strong and collaborative partnership with their municipal government, to apply on behalf of their city by November 24, 2015. The 100 Resilient Cities Challenge application is available in seven languages — Arabic, Chinese, English, French, Portuguese, Russian, and Spanish.

Learn more about the Challenge here, and urge your city leaders to apply.

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