Mexico City’s 10% Resilience Pledge

On November 11, 2015, Mexico City Mayor Miguel Mancera made national headlines when he signed the pledge, promising over $1.1 billion to build his city's resilience to shocks and stresses. 

Mayor Mancera sign's Mexico City's 10% Resilience Pledge

100RC developed the Pledge, which asks 100RC city mayors to make the most ambitious commitment to city resilience in history, promising 10% of their city's budget to resilience-building, with input from mayors around the world and urban finance and resilience experts

If you're looking to read the full details of the pledge, click here

The pledge embodies a key principle of resilience: a commitment to making sure each project the city engages in achieves multiple goals, allowing the city to get the most return out of every dollar rather than spending any additional money.

We will announce all the cities who have signed the pledge and the total pledge value at COP21 in Paris, on December 2, Resilience Day.

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Mexico City's signed pledge


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