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2nd Annual Chief Resilience Officer Summit Begins November 9 in Mexico City

In this week-long summit focusing on building resilience to the physical, social, and economic challenges of the 21st century, Chief Resilience Officers - a position created by The Rockefeller Foundation in 2013 - will come together to take advantage of Mexico City as a Living Laboratory of resilience challenges and opportunities. 

Mexico City – From Nov. 8 through Nov. 14, Mexico City and 100 Resilient Cities – Pioneered by the Rockefeller Foundation, will host the second annual Chief Resilience Officer Summit. This week-long summit will convene pioneers in the practice of urban resilience from 6 continents and more than 30 countries.  The focus of the event will be improving CROs’ ability to lead resilience building efforts in their cities. 

The position of Chief Resilience Officer was innovated by the Rockefeller Foundation in 2013, as part of their creation of 100 Resilient Cities.  100RC is helping cities around the world build resilience to the physical, social and economic challenges of the 21st century.  Approximately 32 cities have hired Chief Resilience Officers, including a handful not financed by 100 Resilient Cities.

“Mexico City is an apt location for the second annual Chief Resilience Officer Summit,” said Michael Berkowitz, President of 100 Resilient Cities. “Mexico City and Mayor Mancera have embraced resilience building efforts and will provide a rich, thought-provoking experience for the 100 Resilient Cities network of Chief Resilience Officers.”

“As one of the globe’s leading hubs of innovation, finance, and urban thinking, Mexico City is an appropriate and proud location for the second convening of the world’s Chief Resilience Officers,” said Mexico City Mayor Miguel Ángel Mancera. “Mexico City itself has seen many benefits from its partnership with 100 Resilient Cities, including funding for the innovative position of Chief Resilience Officer.”

“As one of the largest cities in the world, Mexico City we are aware of the great challenges and opportunities that we face to build resilience, that is why we have included resilience as one of the working axis of the City’s Climate Action Program 2014-2020,” added Mancera.

Utilizing Mexico City as a ‘living laboratory’, the 100RC network of CROs will learn about real-world resilience challenges and solutions, while comparing lessons learned, best practices and innovative design solutions to address physical, social and economic challenges in each of their cities. For example, CROs will visit the southern borough of Xochimilco, which highlights how Mexico City is grappling with and implementing solutions to resilience challenges including water and watershed management, mobility, vulnerable populations, conservation encroachment, and urban sprawl.

100 Resilient Cities will host the following events on their website:

  • Nov. 9, 8:00 a.m. – Live webchat with Mexico City’s CRO, Arnoldo Matus Kramer (This will occur live on Guardian Cities live on Monday and then be reposted on 100RC's Summit Page later in the week.
  • Nov. 11, 10:30 a.m. – Press conference with Mayor Miguel Ángel Mancera and 100 Resilient Cities’ President, Michael Berkowitz

Representatives from the following cities in attendance at the Summit include: 


City and Country


Norfolk, USA

Surat, India

Medellin, Colombia

Rome, Italy

San Juan,
Puerto Rico 

Thessaloniki, Greece 

Bristol, England

Dakar, Senegal

Durban, South Africa

Rio de Janeiro,

Bangkok, Thailand

Enugu, Nigeria

Athens, Greece

Los Angeles, USA

Dallas, USA

Mexico City, Mexico

Amman, Jordan

Christchurch, New Zealand

Berkeley, USA

Rotterdam, Netherlands

Pittsburgh, USA

Wellington, New Zealand

Melbourne, Australia

Boston, USA

Boulder, USA

Ramallah, Palestine

Byblos, Lebanon

Sydney, Australia

New Orleans, USA

El Paso, USA

Mandalay, Myanmar

New York, USA

Vejle, Denmark

San Francisco, USA

Oakland, USA

Porto Alegre, Brazil

Toyama, Japan

Santa Fe, Argentina

Paris, France

Semarang, Indonesia

Huangshi, China


About 100 Resilient Cities—Pioneered by The Rockefeller Foundation 

100 Resilient Cities - Pioneered by The Rockefeller Foundation (100RC) helps cities around the world become more resilient to social, economic, and physical challenges that are a growing part of the 21st century. 100RC provides this assistance through: funding for a Chief Resilience Officer in each of our cities who will lead the resilience efforts; resources for drafting a Resilience Strategy; access to private sector, public sector, academic, and NGO resilience tools; and membership in a global network of peer cities to share best practices and challenges. 100RC currently has 67 member cities. For more information, visit:

100RC recently launched the third and final round of the 100 Resilient Cities challenge, where cities can apply to become part of the final cohort of cities in the global network of 100 cities. For application information, visit:

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