Sophie Hares

Sophie Hares is a freelance journalist and editor based in Mexico, with 20 years’ experience at international news agencies and newspapers, including Reuters.

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Chile’s “city of disasters” steps up climate change protection

- Reducing inequality, securing water supplies and strengthening disaster prevention are crucial to bolster Chile's quake-prone capital against climate change and other hazards, Santiago's authorities said.

Congested Mexico City must look skyward to grow

- Once the heart of the vast Aztec empire, Mexico's pulsing capital is now a megacity that dominates the country's economy, politics and culture, but it must take drastic steps to tackle its dwindling water supply and crippling transport problems, said the official charged with making the city resilient.

Metro line, better city planning to aid Quito’s poor

- In a city menaced by the threat of volcanic eruptions, earthquakes and floods, protecting thousands of families living in Quito's low-income neighbourhoods from disasters is an urgent task.