A Statement from 100 Resilient Cities President Michael Berkowitz on the Events in Manchester, UK

We watched in horror and sadness this week as the tragic events unfolded in Greater Manchester, one of our beloved 100RC member cities. But, in the wake of such unthinkable violence, I was also deeply moved and inspired to see the community pull together, providing rides, places to stay, support for responders, as well as giving voice to unity at vigils. This is what makes Manchester a leader in resilience.  

Unfortunately, attacks of this nature are frequent enough that the cities in our network – including Manchester itself – have experience managing the aftermath. We at 100RC stand ready to offer that, and any other expertise and knowledge we have at our disposal, to the city as they look to recover, build back stronger, and prevent future attacks. 

Building resilience is about preparing for unexpected challenges and engaging deeply and broadly to understand problems in all their complexity. It’s the work our cities do daily so that they are ready when events like those of this week unfold. In the wake of this horrible tragedy, our commitment remains as strong as ever to working with Greater Manchester to make it a more resilient place for all those who reside there.