A New Way to Explore City Resilience Strategies

Building resilience is hard work. Cities face seemingly insurmountable challenges. From migration to flooding, these challenges require deep collaboration not just within government, but with the communities, institutions, private sector actors, and systems that truly comprise a city.

To shift these insurmountable odds, cities in the 100RC Network each release a Resilience Strategy, a roadmap for building resilience and confronting a city’s challenges. The Resilience Strategy is a concrete action plan that outlines projects and initiatives based on the city’s strengths and vulnerabilities.

Today, we’re introducing www.100resilientcities.org/Strategies, a new way to explore City Resilience Strategies that unite a city and spur resilient cities to take action.

  • In Berkeley, hundreds of community members participated in public workshops and surveys, providing input and ideas that informed the city’s strategy.
  • The City of Melbourne created a new Resilient Melbourne Delivery Office to ensure that resilience-building work is enduring and long-lasting.
  • In Semarang, the city’s integrated vision to tackle rapid climate and economic change maintains their distinct culture and heritage.
  • Next week, the city of Medellín will take a courageous step toward a future of peace, economic inclusion, strong governance, and environmental well-being.

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