A Call for Entries: Infrastructure Projects That Could Change Cities

Resilience-building infrastructure are robust and provide redundancy, but they are also integrated and developed through a reflective and inclusive process. When infrastructure projects are carefully conceived to cut across multiple sectors, and involve the community, their impact is exponential, making them fundamental building blocks of more resilient cities and societies. 

That’s why we’re working with our partner AECOM to recognize resilience-building infrastructure projects – 10 projects globally that are either underway or completed, and 10 shovel-ready projects in the United States – that have these qualities and can address the most pressing challenges of our time. These projects lay the foundation for the next generation of economic development, environmental shifts, and population change.

We need your help! Tell us:

Our goal is to recognize outstanding resilience-building infrastructure projects – 10 global and 10 U.S. and shovel-ready  – to illustrate how infrastructure can positively impact our world.  The detail you provide will support the review and development of a list of top projects that meet most or all of the evaluation criteria. Completing the form should take approximately 20 minutes.

Submissions will be reviewed by a team of interdisciplinary experts from both AECOM and 100 RC and 10 projects will be selected for both the global list and the shovel-ready, U.S. list. We’ll feature selected projects online and share selected projects with our global community.

Please note: You won’t be able to save and revisit your work in the linked questionnaire, so please review the 13 questions carefully and be prepared to submit your recommendations with complete information.

The deadline for submissions is ­­­­­­May 5, 2017 at 5 p.m. PST. Submit any questions you have here.