2018 CityXChange Application

The Rockefeller Foundation hosted the inaugural CityXChange Summit in 2017 as a venue for bringing together some of the world’s most forward-thinking leaders from ten global cities with technology innovators to unpack common urban challenges and identify new ways to leverage the latest tech in service of urban resilience.  The Summit used a combination of plenary sessions designed to improve mutual understanding of each other’s priorities and outlooks, and small cross-sector working group sessions built around real challenges faced by participating cities.  Participants came out of the first CXC Summit with valuable new perspectives on how to turn vexing problems into opportunities for innovation, as well as new connections and insights that can convert good ideas generated at the Summit into tangible results for cities.

For the first CityXChange Summit, we asked invited cities to identify and present local problems within a set of pre-determined resilience areas.  Now that we have seen the deep engagement and outcomes that the CityXChange format can achieve, we are going to have participating cities determine the Summit’s areas of focus based on their resilience priorities and strategies.

We encourage all 100RC cities to apply to attend our second Summit, to be held May 20-24, 2018, at The Rockefeller Foundation’s Bellagio Center.  We will select approximately 10 cities from all applicants.  To apply, cities must identify a specific problem they would like to collaborate with the new tech community to address and provide critical data and information that quantifies and describes the problem, potential impact of solving and resources available to help.

The information and problem details provided by cities will help inform outreach and selection of startups and other potential tech participants.  The application will also begin the critical first stage of “pre-work” for the city participation.

Selected cities will be asked to prepare an overview presentation about the problem they will be focused on and should expect to participate in 3-4 preparatory calls in advance of the CXC Summit, beginning in February.

Who is eligible?

  • All 100RC member cities
  • 2017 Participant Cities are eligible to apply, and are encouraged to include progress updates and/or insights related to goals identified at the 2017 Summit

Who can attend from selected cities (2 per city)?

  • Mayor or top executive must attend (with budget and policy oversight) to ensure administration-wide commitment to ideas and partnerships the city generates at Summit.
  • CRO (if one has been hired) or senior level administration official responsible for resilience strategy/implementation.
  • Cities may include a request for a third participant, which will be reviewed and considered if space permits. Please include the name, title and purpose/expertise.


  • September 2017: CityXChange 2018 application will be available
  • October 15, 2017: Application deadline
  • November 15, 2017: Selected cities notified
  • November 2017 – April 2018: City prep and pre-work
  • May 20 – 24, 2018: CityXChange Summit, Bellagio Center