2018 CityXChange Application


City Overview

(600 word limit; Include any relevant graphs, charts, or photos)

Provide a brief overview of your city – demographics, major assets/strengths, commercial activity, geography, built environment.

Provide your vision for your city and the role you hope collaboration with the tech industry can play in meeting this vision.

Explain your country’s intergovernmental structure and political system: which entities control/are responsible for budgeting, procurement, project implementation, enforcement, and funding.

Provide proposed participant biographies and areas of specialization.

Outlining the Problem

(1,000 word limit)

Provide a description of a specific problem that threatens your city’s resilience that you would like to present for collaboration with tech investors and startup companies at the 2018 CityXChange Summit.  Indicate if and how this problem is included in your city’s resilience strategy (if applicable).  If you choose, you may also identify a secondary problem for consideration.Resilience Challenge examples from 2017 CXC Summit:

  • Jakarta: improve access to clean water across the city
  • Thessaloniki: reduce traffic congestion in the city center

*For cities that participated in 2017, please indicate if any of the issues being included in your 2018 application were the subject of your presentation last year.

For each identified problem, please include:

  • Any relevant history on how the issue developed
  • Who is affected (communities and numbers)
  • What are the broader implications for your city’s

+ Economic growth
+ Safety and security
+ Quality of life

  • Any additional relevant information
  • What resources are available to solve the problem, including:

+ Number of staff assigned to address the problem
+ Revenues/capital investment committed to resolution of the problem
+ Stakeholders in the city who will invest in or contribute to a solution

  • Any specific goals or targets the city has adopted to address the problem and describe the progress to date on your problem, including Key Performance Indicators that would prove success in tackling these problems.*For cities that participated in 2017, please include updates regarding the progress you have (or haven’t) made based on the ideas generated at the Summit and any specific goals to advance the work started at CXC 2017.
  • What has been tried in the past? (describe in detail)

+ What has worked and what hasn’t?
+ How did you measure success? (i.e. did you collect specific data or survey the public/community to measure progress toward your goals)

  • Have you considered any emerging technologies to address this problem?

+ If so, what solutions were explored or implemented?
+ If implemented, identify any successes; if attempted but not fully implemented, please explain the challenges faced; if only explored, what obstacle(s) prevented moving forward?

Tech Involvement

(250 word limit)

Has your city entered successful partnerships with startup companies or emerging technologies in the past?  If so, please describe the arrangement, including:

  • The service or product the startup provided
  • The nature of the arrangement (e.g. direct procurement, pilot program, or other
  • How the partnership came about
  • Any opposition your city overcame or legal/policy changes that were made to enable the partnership
    *If your city engaged in multiple partnerships, please describe the three most important.

What do you consider the greatest barrier(s) in employing an emerging technology solution in your city and why?